Port Louis - Streets & Corners

Most visitors to Mauritius will skip Port Louis and hang out at the beaches. I don't blame them, but when I travel to a place, I want to dig deeper and understand the back story, the history and the presence of a place. And so, camera in one hand (Fuji X100T), my kids, hubby, and all the other baggage that comes with us, I began exploring the not to common streets and corners of the island. 

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Muchacho's Restaurant has been around since 1986! It was started by Mr Saidi (of Arab descent) in the Kariakoo' neighborhood of Dar Es Salaam. Despite it's humble facilitates, the place attracted foodies from all over the the city, cutting all social classes. The concept of driveways is very new to Tanzania, and what made Muchachos pretty cool, was you could eat in your car! Let's face it, we all want to do that, especially on on days when you're not in the mood to socialize.

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Nostalgic in London

I've been traveling to London ever since I can remember. My parents would drag us all on a month's holiday/ shopping spree, stocking up of clothes, shoes and whatever else we didn't get back in Dar Es Salaam. For university I ended up in London, and although my parents visits were no longer so frequent, and although we had much more choice back home, and although it was lonely, and although the winters were wet, I also gave birth in this city. London is not just any old European city to me. I'm attached to it emotionally, despite its many flaws.

This post is just highlighting some of the things I enjoyed doing with my children. There's much much more to explore as I'm sure most of you know.



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