documentary photographer

Maheen is an independent photographer based in Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania specializing in travel, portrait, editorial and documentary photography. Raised in Dar Es Salaam, she moved to London to study International Development at the School of Oriental & African Studies. It was this education that drew her towards photography and her discreet style of shooting using natural light and small gear to create images as they truly unfold. Since then she has grown in the field through her self-funded travels around the world and personal projects of people in her community.  She also enjoys documenting weddings and street photography.

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* Photography for billboards across Tanzania for Zain cellular network provider

* Lead photographer for An-Nisa Abayas, an international luxury fashion brand, catering for the Global Muslim Population

* Jewelry photography for Benetton Gems & Rasifiwa, high end luxury jewellery store selling rare stones and designer watches

* Logo and Graphic Design for companies including Benetton Gems, Afrisian Ginning Ltd, YSP Tanzania, AFCOM UAE