Street Style - Observing the Everday

One of my new years resolution is to start focusing more on photography and writing short blogs that can inspire people but also help me keep pushing myself out of my everyday routine and into shooting what I enjoy.

Massage Parlour and Repair Shop - Chinatown, London

With new technology out every day in DSLR, Mirrorless and even Phone Cameras, most people can easily grasp and understand basic exposure, manual modes and the general technical aspect of a camera.

But does this really make you a photographer?

I often hear people say “oh he got that shot because he happened to be there, at the right time” – completely rejecting the fact that somebody spent their time to “observe, plan and click” something that had meaning to them and hopefully to the photo viewer.

For me photography is not bragging about using manual mode on a camera, or super editing and chopping up my photos in post. Photography is observing what I see around me - the mundane, the routine, and the ordinary - regardless of how its captured..

Street photography is one of my favorite subjects to shoot.  I must admit, I find it very difficult and sometimes impossible to practise in Dar Es Salaam as I find people get very offended. Anyway, I got to spend a couple of weeks in London, one of my favorite cities ever, and here are some of the images shot on the Fuji XT2 with the 35mm f/2. Oh, and mostly shot using one hand, whilst the other one pushed a stroller!

 Let me know your thoughts. | Click on the images to enlarge