My Fuji X100T - A Family Wedding

I've been photographing for a good couple of years now. At first it was a hobby documenting the new places and people around me. As I took photography more seriously I upgraded my gear to the Canon 5D and some fancy lenses. The Canon was also my travel camera and my companion from Madagascar to Lebanon. There was a point where I was realized that carrying the bulk with me was getting too much, especially now with my children. I bought the canon G1X but regretted it later. The image quality was just not doing it for me, and the camera limited me from the settings on is used to on a DSLR.

Finally, after much research I ordered the Fujifilm x100T. Oh boy, what a beauty! Not only is it a very attractive looking camera, it's light, steel build, small enough to be dunked into my purse and most of all image quality is spectacular! I have simply fallen in love with this camera.

On a recent trip to the UK, I decided to travel with this single camera and lens and see what it could produce. I'm quite pleased with the images, what are your thoughts?

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