Nostalgic in London

I've been traveling to London ever since I can remember. My parents would drag us all on a month's holiday/ shopping spree, stocking up of clothes, shoes and whatever else we didn't get back in Dar Es Salaam. For university I ended up in London, and although my parents visits were no longer so frequent, and although we had much more choice back home, and although it was lonely, and although the winters were wet, I also gave birth in this city. London is not just any old European city to me. I'm attached to it emotionally, despite its many flaws.

This post highlights some of the things I enjoy doing with my children.

Parks - London has some of the best parks in the world. There is always a play area (if not multiple ones), space to ride a bike, ride a paddle boat, run around or feed the ducks. My favorite parks are Hyde Park, Regents Park & Corram's Field. They're all centrally located and easy to get to. Corram's field is especially equipped as a playground for children.

Transport - My kids love riding the London Buses and Tube. Maybe its because we don't have this type of thing back home! Sit on the front Bus seat on the top level and you'll get to see London from a different angle. The overground trains are also nice to ride so you get to see the city.

City Farms - There are plenty of city farms that have sprung across the city, my favorite being in Vauxhall. Its a stroll from the station, and there's plenty to see, you can feed the goats, or check out the Horse Riding lessons.

Canals and the Paddington Basin - set between a modern development is an extension of the Regents Canal. Just a short stroll kids can feed swans, ducks or catch a boat ride to Camden or London Zoo. There is also a new fountain that kids get splash around in.

The London Zoo - There's always something new, and kids never stop getting excited over the large number of animals the zoo hosts. Penguin feeding time also gets them excited.

Somerset House - Bring the kids swimwear and let them figure the playful fountain out, whilst you get a kick of caffeine

Eating out - My favorites are Wagamama (Portman Sq) | For delicious Asian style meals, Ranoush | The best shwarma, Efe's Cafe | Heavenly Turkish Grills, Tinsle Town (Great Portland St) , Tom's Kitchen (Somerset House), to name a few.