Nostalgic in London

I've been traveling to London ever since I can remember. My parents would drag us all on a month's holiday/ shopping spree, stocking up of clothes, shoes and whatever else we didn't get back in Dar Es Salaam. For university I ended up in London, and although my parents visits were no longer so frequent, and although we had much more choice back home, and although it was lonely, and although the winters were wet, I also gave birth in this city. London is not just any old European city to me. I'm attached to it emotionally, despite its many flaws.

This post is just highlighting some of the things I enjoyed doing with my children. There's much much more to explore as I'm sure most of you know.



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Sri Lanka - With Children

Given Sri Lanka’s war past, the island is still struggling to recover itself from the tarnish and your average traveler would not even consider the island as a destination. Ironically, it is one of the most spectacular islands of the Indian Ocean by all means. It has a vast history dating thousands of years visible through its architectural heritage, a colonial past that is still reminiscent on the islands culture; an unbelievably pristine coastline and tea that’s worth every slurp!

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